Welcome GNS Group to the G7N Conference 2020

Welcome GNS Group to the G7N Conference 2020

Big welcome GNS Group! We are thrilled to meet you at the 4th Annual G7N Conference 2020, where smart freight forwarders all over the world coming together.

GNS Group established in 2006, with more than 13 years’ experience in the logistics industry. The team would like to bring the highest satisfaction to their clients by the best services they offer in transportation, cargo and delivery.

Their services: 

– Ocean freight
– Customs clearance
– Port forwarding
– Handling of OOG/IMO cargoes
– Truck, rail, air delivery
– Certification
– Warehouse storage
– Trading

If you haven’t registered our G7N Conference 2020 yet, send an email to members@g7networks.com or info@g7networks.com to be a part of the big things!

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